Moncton Center

Competition entry for downtown Moncton Multifunctionnal arena

ROn the site the obsolete Highfield place, the Moncton Center aims to be a new focal point in the region. The large complex, regrouping stadium, exposition spaces, a sports complex, shops and more is meant to be more than a place in which to spend, but seeks to redefine the city’s identity as well as to breathe new life in the downtown core.

With this in mind, we gave our project generous public space, restructuring the site around a large park that also serves to give access to the once cut-off waterfront. To add to the new Center’s sense of place, we’ve decided to inspire ourselves from the city’s history to create an architectural language that’s truly Moncton! The buildings features are a poetic combination of elements taken from Moncton’s founding industries, shipbuilding, and well as the maintenance of trains. The fluid shapes, colors and materials used for the complex’s design are meant to represent the speed and technology used in these industries as well as something more organic, reminiscent of the gentle caresses of the Mascaret and the Petitcodiac River.


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